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Summer Camp

Welcome to Summer Camp at SCA!

Schedule of the Day:

Our students love summer days at Southland.  They enjoy fun classes that sharpen their skills all summer long.   We begin our academic classes at 9:00 and conclude just before going to lunch.  The classes include Math, Reading/Writing, and Bible.  The afternoons are spent in different activity groups such as swimming, crafts, video/computers, P.E., organized games, etc.  On Fridays, we have our field trips or special events.


There is a $175.00 registration fee for the summer program. You may take off as many weeks as desired without paying a minimum fee for that week. This fee assures us of your commitment to the summer program and assists us in planning for special activities, buses and staffing.


The weekly rate of $165.00 is to be paid on the first day of attendance for the week attending. This includes 6:00 am to 6:00 pm service hours. The daily rate of $55.00 is available and payable each morning of attendance. If you wish for your child to attend the field trip, the daily fee and the admissions fee for the activity must also be paid. If your child remains past 6:00 pm overtimes charges will apply $1.00 per minute. After 6:00 pm is for “emergency” purposes only.


A Southland summer T-shirt is required to be worn for all field trips. The T-shirt worn for casual Fridays will be the same shirt we use for our field trip shirt. Please submit a t-shirt size and registration payment to the office when registering if you need a new t-shirt. T-shirts are $13.00.

Field Trips:

Field trips or special events will be planned each week. There will be additional costs for field trips. Fees and lunch needs will vary based on trip. The dates are included with this letter. Field trips must be paid for in advance. Due on Monday of each week. Payments received after Wednesday will be subject to a $5.00 increase.

Breakfast & Lunch Program:

A cereal breakfast is included in the weekly tuition if the child arrives before 7:45 am. There will also be toast and cocoa, for $1.00, available to purchase if you wish to do so. We will also have a hot lunch program available Monday through Friday. Menus will be available at a later date. Cost for lunches is $4.00 per day.

Dress Code:

All tops must have at least 2″ strap. No bare midriffs are allowed.

Moderate length shorts are acceptable. No short shorts are allowed. Athletic shoes are the best for safety and comfort. However, if sandals are worn they must be closed toe. Please be careful with jewelry. No dangling earrings are allowed for safety reasons.

Haircuts cannot be an extreme style (i.e. no tail, bleached or dyed hair, or graphic designs shaved in the haircut). No makeup or nail polish is to be worn or brought to school. Clothing must be the correct size; it cannot be worn too large or too tight.