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Our Elementary School seeks to provide instruction that is in conformity with our Statement of Faith. We endeavor to prepare each student to take his/her place of leadership in the home, the church, the community, and eventually a profession – all in a manner that glorifies God.

Southland Christian Academy addresses all aspects of education from a Christian perspective by allowing our students the opportunity to begin to understand themselves and the world around them from a Christian worldview. Some of this education will be formal (chapel, Bible classes and studies, counseling), and some will simply happen as the faculty and students interact in the normal flow of school activity. The goal is to facilitate the development of the child: academically, physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. The school employs faculty, staff, and administrators who serve as role models in their Christian walk, and who are maturing in both their professional life and their Christian faith.

Building a child’s intellect is important; but strengthening his or her character is the highest of all priorities. In today’s world of clouded values, it is more essential than ever that children be instilled with the character that enables them to think clearly and act morally. The education they receive should broaden the mind while deepening the spirit.

The development of personal character is stressed at Southland Christian Academy. We desire that each student understand and accept responsibility for his/her choices.  Through the use of consistent counseling and correction, both in and outside the classroom, students learn how good decisions affect not only themselves but others as well.

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